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Shibira The Camp

We are farmers by lived experience. We chanced upon these rolling meadows. A quaint intuition that this mesmerising silent place could be part of our working middle class family history led to the crowd sourcing of funds to preserve the land, protect its pastoral beauty and ensure the sweeping views simply for the joy of a future generation. Income from our jobs and time after office, weekends and holidays have gone into making it a beautiful, well equipped Farm .

Nothing about Farm life is about making life simpler. Nothing at all! In fact, it is a cracked idea. We, farmers by lived experience, have been crossing paths with all kinds of living things – ones with legs, ones with leaves, ones with wings, ones tiny but merciless, ones with brains who surprise us with their friendship and their strangeness for twelve years and only in the last few years have we been blessed with our efforts here finally bearing fruit in the shape of coffee and spice. Covid made us realise that while we can continue to be determined to pursue a Working Farm, we needed a verdant bosom in the midst of Farm Life, like a private den or a reading room with a thick wooden door in a housefull of noisy kids! 

Thus, Shibira was born. It was a gift to ourselves and an ode to the Farm we’ve developed over time and will constantly strive to improve.


  • Pet Friendly

  • Car Parking

  • Luxury Cabin, Container

  • Bring Your Own Tent

  • Washrooms

  • Kitchen

  • Common Area

  • Explore Coffee Meadows

  • Car Parking


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